#23042 Striated Celestial Blue-Green Andean Opal
Striated Celestial Blue-Green Andean Opal
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This is a splendid 0.9 oz, 1.6” by 0.9” by 0.8", blue-green opal from the Andes in Peru. This is completely natural and unpolished with a bit of toast-colored calcite at the base and in layers with the opal layer … like a club sandwich. In Peru, these are called ‘celestial’ opal because they look like the sky … and this one does in places, but in others, it looks like the cool glassiness of the ocean! Now, this is not like the opals from Mexico and Australia with vibrant fire – this is a soft beauty with opalescent qualities – once you see her glow, you will not soon forget it! This beauty is lustrous and glassy and the rich color is varied and totally gorgeous!

I have had several polished pieces, but the energy difference is amazing! The energies are soft and angelic – clearly heart, but also clearly throat. She opens up channels of communications, allowing you to express what is deep in your heart. She releases those old patterns and hurts that chain us in and allows her Keeper to break free, finally releasing all that hurts and imprisons is in our own experiences. She is a wondrous healer – wondrous! You feel as if you have let go of all cares and worries in the world and I cannot say enough … she is truly like being embraced by an angel!

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Striated Celestial Blue-Green Andean Opal

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