#23103 Amazing Pale Pink Morganite with Goshenite - Truth Seer
Amazing Pale Pink Morganite with Goshenite - Truth Seer
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This is a gorgeous 1.2 oz 1.6" by 1.1” by 0.85" crystal of pale pink morganite with white goshenite from Brazil with a few tiny inset books of mica. Her termination and sides are subtly glyphed and fascinating to study with a loupe. Goshenite is a colorless or white form of beryl and beryl is a general description for goshenite, aquamarine, morganite and heliodor. She has a almost a white-on-white look until you notice the blush of morganite! I love this small size, perfect for fitting into your palm with the termination in contact with the palm meridian … she is most unusual and has wondrous energy for her Keeper!

This Spirit has an amazing “hand feel”. There are a couple of positions and the energy in each is different. Morganite is a wondrous heart energy, balancing the heart with emotion and mind. Goshenite is a magical energy as it stimulates the visualization of truth in all things. The mica fosters the critical introspection you will need … when you work with her, you will be amazed – totally amazed – at how hot she feels. In my mind, she could only reach body temperature, held in the hand. But, she feels strangely warmer. To work with her the first time, anoint her with rainwater and allow that splendid crystalline musk to rise. Burning incense would be good as well. Music like Novus Magnificat (my favorite by Constance Denby) stimulates the heart vibrations. Allow the entire sensory bundle to envelop you and your mind will easily go on a journey. She teaches you how to transmute and dispel negative energies and at the same time, determine truth for what it is. We sometimes feel that fiction is a better description of our Self, yet in expressing truly who we are, we reveal our core Self and our heart in all its beauty and glory. And, we are able to see it in others – in all their beauty and glory! Trust me, you will be transformed in a manner you never thought possible! This is truly an amazing Spirit that will be a humble and loyal companion.

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Amazing Pale Pink Morganite with Goshenite - Truth Seer

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