#23108 Delicate Golden Radial Scolecite Mound
Delicate Golden Radial Scolecite Mound
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This is a delicate and golden mound of radial scolecite crystals from India, 3 oz and 2.1” by 2” by 1.45”. Scolecite is in the zeolite family with apophyllite, natrolite, heulandite and hundreds more. They form where volcanic rocks and ash react with alkaline waters. India is perfect for this to happen. The top of the mound is hundreds of tiny terminations that were difficult to photograph but you will see them easily. Around the sides, you can see the radial formation - a small common point with individual crystals expanding like the opening of a fan. She is simply gorgeous and will be a perfect addition to your special working crystal or in a healing practice.

This is a wonderful and incredibly useful Spirit. She readily clears away negativity and bad energies, thus establishing a genuine feeling of inner peace. She can remove blockages in a Chakra and is outstanding in a healing or Reiki practice to prepare the patient and connect the patient with higher Self. Some have even reported angel contact! Besides her exquisite crystalline expression, she shares her beauty and abilities with her Keeper.

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Delicate Golden Radial Scolecite Mound

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