#23123 Large Slightly Smoky Opalescent Soulmate Lemurian Quartz with Timeline
Large Slightly Smoky Opalescent Soulmate Lemurian Quartz with Timeline
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This is a large and extraordinary Brazilian, slightly smoky soulmate Lemurian quartz, 1 lb 3.9 oz and 6.3” by 1.8” by 1.9” with somewhat irregular and healed base with a bit of calcite in the crevices. The base is healed into tiny terminations all over making her also a DT! The twins appear to have evolved from a break eons ago (called an earthquake quartz) and when the crystal beautifully healed, the second “twin” formed from the offset healing. Interestingly, the “new” twin is also deftly twinned! That is truly auspicious in that the soulmates formed by splitting apart and then rejoined! There is a long and somewhat triangular future timeline timeline signifying the soulmates have share a long future together! There are lovely Lemurian lines and she has a gentle, opalescent quality. There is some internal misting and some silver shields with rainbows (including two circular ones, one for each soul together) and a split Isis face. There are subtle glyphs on the faces and one face has been lightly polished. There are a few teeny-tiny dings but nothing significant at all … she is nothing short of exceptional!

This is definitely a soulmate crystal – separate, yet dependent on the other and each completing the other. Soulmates are different from partners, although not always. These Spirits incarnate together time after time and take various roles with each other – special sisters, loving partners, parent and child, best friends – you know them instantly when you first encounter them and in fact, many have arranged “code words” so that they will be sure. Think about it – was there one person in your life where a phrase instantly bonded you? Soulmates, like these crystals, together in balance and assisting the other. Further, they have distinct Lemurian energies … gifts of the Lemurian people before Lemuria disappeared under the oceans. Those energies bear a lesson of love, belonging and the lessons of love that joins us all. They would love to join a couple as a constant reminder of the love and Spirit they share. They make a wondrous altar Spirit where they can provide loving energies and a sacred space for their Keeper.

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Large Slightly Smoky Opalescent Soulmate Lemurian Quartz with Timeline

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