#23124 Lovely, Polished Bluish Green Chrysoprase
Lovely, Polished Bluish Green Chrysoprase
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This is a lovely and richly-colored blue-green chrysoprase, 3 oz and 2.5” by 2.25” by 0.6”. Chrysoprase is a form of chalcedony and takes a polish very well and the polishing really brings out both the color and beauty. She is a wondrous palm-stone and fits easily in a larger pocket for travel with her Keeper.

Chrysoprase is the great balancer. Many of us go through our lives in a state of unbalance, often without realizing it until something happens. We pursue ethereal heights and don’t ground ourselves. We work hard and play hard and don’t relax at all. We push and push and forget that sometimes it’s easier to pull. Think about it – how many times do we rush around and forget small things, that turn into huge things to correct? This Spirit reminds us of the delicate state of balance that we must maintain and helps us to achieve that balance. A dear friend once confessed that she keeps a piece in her bathrobe pocket to remind herself to finish things and I started doing the same. This is a delightful Spirit and one you will grow to depend on!

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Lovely, Polished Bluish Green Chrysoprase

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