#23130 Pair of Yummy and Amazing Banana Creme Yellow Wavellite
Pair of Yummy and Amazing Banana Creme Yellow Wavellite
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This is a wonderful pair of banana yellow wavellite crystals, all nested in a kind of pita pocket of a pale beige matrix. The pair totals 1.2 oz and one is 1.8” and the other 1.5” The sparkling, botryoidal crystals fill the center of each in shades of light golden yellow. The wavellite along the edge are in cross-section and show radiating slender crystals – like a lemon cut in half. I can’t tell you how beautiful these are! They are from Arkansas and this fantastic wavellite hadn’t been found in years, but thanks to the Sweet Surrender Mine and their digging talents, this wonderful wavellite is once again available.

Only recently, I began to work with the green wavellite and the yellow has similar, but yet, distinctly different energies. While earthy in basic feel, they are also quite ethereal. Normally, I don’t like matrix, but in this case, there is a profound grounding about it, bringing you to center. The wavellite then works her magic. We think of time as linear, however we actually live all of our lifetimes simultaneously. If you picture a sphere with your core Self at the center, all points on the sphere (representing your lifetimes) occur at once. It’s just that linear thinking has become the norm, thus we think of events as happening one after the other. In any case, wavellite helps you to understand that relationship. I mentioned that each is magic – the radiating crystals show you the true energy flow from the center to all points. These Spirits work best at the Solar Plexus, gateway between the physical and higher Chakras. No matter what you learn on an ethereal plane, unless you express it in the physical, it never becomes integrated. It is through this critical transference that each of us achieves optimal development in each lifetime that we express. And these are awesome keys!

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Pair of Yummy and Amazing Banana Creme Yellow Wavellite

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