#23132 Palm-Sized Fairy Gold Quartz Cluster
Palm-Sized Fairy Gold Quartz Cluster
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This is a 6.2 oz, 3.3” by 2.6” by 1.2” palm-sized quartz cluster from old stock Pakistan and she may seem a bit drab at first. She is dominated by a large, single crystal and a series of smaller ones gathered all around her, forming a sort of dome-shaped cluster with gold base. Her base is a bit irregular but it still basically flat and healed. In her center and to one side, she has golden lodelite inclusions that give her a golden heart – not a heart shape but a glorious, golden presence! There are nice Lemurian lines on her short sides and subtle facial glyphs and a few little manifestors among the concentrations of lodelite! Now, the interesting thing about this uncommon cluster is that even though she is from Pakistan AND that I have never seen starbrary glyphs from Pakistan, this one has Vega glyphs! You will be astounded at this wondrous and unusual cluster!

I named this “fairy gold” because if I were one of the wee folk, this is the kind of gold I’d gravitate to … not the stuff that brings out the greed! This Spirit warms the Spirit and “fills in the blanks”, making transition from the physical to brilliant ethereal expression! What a soaring feeling! Her mystical nature invites scrying and calls to the inner child that yearns for expression, yet rejoices in the splendor of the wonders of the Earth and the abundance of beauty surrounding us particularly in the spring. She takes you back to a time when people were closer to the Earth and welcomed that attunement … and isn’t that what we need now? Enjoy her brilliance and celebrate the spring … the time when the fairy folk are playing and enjoying the new growth! And the Vega glyphs perhaps suggest that the Vega Star People were likewise fascinated by the fairy folk!

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Palm-Sized Fairy Gold Quartz Cluster

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