#23134 Rare Dark Root Beer Brown DT Axinite Crystal
Rare Dark Root Beer Brown DT Axinite Crystal
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I am just stunned by this 2.2 oz, 1.8” by 1.1” by 0.85” DT Russian crystal showing textbook monoclinic crystalline structure. He a nice golden root beer color with a healed smallish scrape to one side edge. He boasts glyphed sides and faces and has a delightful weighty feel to him. He is in excellent condition and is a rare and beautiful energy!

Axinite is a new energy for me and I was absolutely delighted to work with him for a while. He reminded me a bit of tiger eye – grounding, warming and ‘friendly’, but with a difference. I felt calm, comforted and in control. Stresses of the day melted away and I felt like I could handle it all, one bit at a time, steadily until all was done. n these times of dramatic change, he allows you to slow things down and accept a pace that is comfortable. Tell you what … you won’t want to let go of him … he is delightful Spirit!

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Rare Dark Root Beer Brown DT Axinite Crystal

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