#23139 Silvery and Large Ultra-Balancer Rare Molybdenum
Silvery and Large Ultra-Balancer Rare Molybdenum
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This is an unusually large, silvery crystal of elemental molybdenum, 1.1 oz and 2.3” by 1.8” by 0.2”. She is ultra-thin and smooth so that you can rub the surfaces and relish her energies. She has a bit of golden healer on the top but is otherwise, silvery all over! And what a potent Spirit! She is ready to go to her forever Keeper and is in excellent condition!

Talk about a mellower … she instills a feeling of peace, harmony and the wisdom of the world. Uncertainty, misrepresentations, conflict … they are all stripped away and you can see with a clarity that you couldn’t before. It’s as if there wasn’t a care in the world and the only thing of immediacy was to add to the wisdom and know … truly KNOW how things are meant to be ... without stress, without deadlines and without the pressure of the current pace of life. She helps you see what is truly right and important to appreciate the time and place we live in! This crystal is a true gift to her Keeper and will bring much depth and understanding.

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Silvery and Large Ultra-Balancer Rare Molybdenum

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