#23144 Spirited Imperial Tapestry Asian Watercolor Quartz - Madagascar
Spirited Imperial Tapestry Asian Watercolor Quartz - Madagascar
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This is an intense and spirited 8.8 oz hematite-stained and included red quartz, 4.6” by 1.5” by 1.1” with several small keys and a small student around the base. She is from a new pocket discovered in Madagascar and was originally named ‘flower or picture’ quartz, not from how the crystals grew in a flower-like arrangement, but because of how the hematite formed inside and in simply astounding patterns of ferns, feathers, flowers or leaves. I have named these Asian Watercolor quartz because of the way the patterns resemble precisely that. Three sides are nearly opaque while the remainder show her inner clarity, a few dancing mists and the incredible ‘flower’ patterning that forms a tapestry on her sides. I tried to capture the tapestry with the camera but the hematite is intense and the backlight, even strong, doesn’t adequately show the beauty I see … and the fascinating Spirit faces! She has subtle facial glyphs and a few more in the keys and Lemurian lines, completing her look as the magical, magical Spirit that she is. There are some tiny dings and a scrape on one side that do not impair her beauty or energy in the least.

I am struck by the contrasts of her sides and the beauty that lights up as you really investigate her in depth. She has a heady crystalline musk that rises as you just hold her in your hand, activated by your own warmth and energy. She is an Earth Messenger, connecting vibrations of all who hold the Earth sacred with those who seek to help and return Her Spirit to times when all life was considered precious. She is an Earth Shaman ready to work with a Keeper of like leanings. Store her tucked in a bed of sage and cedar. She has much to offer to an open heart …

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Spirited Imperial Tapestry Asian Watercolor Quartz - Madagascar

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