#23147 Vibrant Tri-colored Elestial Ametrine Quartz
Vibrant Tri-colored Elestial Ametrine Quartz
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This is a vibrantly-colored elestial Spirit from Aricuai, Brazil, 3 oz and 2.6" by 1.4" by 1.3". As you look at her, the first glance is deceiving as she looks rather plain, dark and humble but if you give her a chance, you’ll see that she literally fills with color when backlit where you’ll see the zoned amethyst in her secondary-growth elestial portion (with a blush of smoke) and a lovely citrine core. With a loupe, you’ll see little goethite inclusions as well as a few needles of rutile. She actually is an askew scepter but at first, I hesitated to call her one … she does have the energies so I will leave it to you to decide. Two areas show well-healed damage, now accented with a bit of calcite. To the back, there are keys to the frosted pale smoky quartz and a small student that has been sheared off. She is definitely a Spirit that a Shaman would seek … staring at her, you will see visions and promise, each aspect different. She is a great meditation size and wondrous companion and muse!

There is something most sacred about this Spirit. As you explore her intricacy, you are brought into contact with a very old soul who has inspired students for eons. She draws from the Earth, but links to the Ethereal and all steps in between. As we journey in our own Spiritual advancement, we hit mountains that are quite daunting and like the Warrioress, we acquire scars. The path isn’t always clear and it looks high and treacherous. You will find this Spirit to be a gifted guide; she will not show you the way as much as show you the options so that you may choose. She helps you understand and relish the beauty of the journey and the many lessons it imparts.

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Vibrant Tri-colored Elestial Ametrine Quartz

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