#23701 All Natural Indigo-Colored Gobi Desert Eye Agate
All Natural Indigo-Colored Gobi Desert Eye Agate
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This is a super-sweet indigo-colored agate found in the vast Gobi Desert in Asia. These agates are earthly and have vastly different appearances. Some get polished to better feature their colors and/or attributes. But this one is all natural in shades of indigo with many raised “eyes”. She is 16.6 grams and 1.1” by 1” by 0.6” and has a wonderful hand-feel. She is in perfect condition and will fit well in pocket or medicine pouch.

The Gobi Desert is the 6th largest desert in the world and bridges China and Mongolia in its cold sands. It has been noted for its fossil finds … when I was a child, I loved reading about Roy Andrews’ finds there. It’s also the home for these wondrous agates, formed and shaped by the desert temperatures, winds and sands.

These agates are wondrous, filled with gentle, comforting energy. They warm quickly in the hand and once you pick one up, it is hard to put down. Part of her uniqueness is her color … indigo. It is a color of mystery … although part of the seven color vibrations of the rainbow, science has yet to define it the way red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet have been. There is a theory that true indigo holds the secret to invisibility. It is certainly a color filled with mystery and it is no wonder that it is associated with the Third Eye and the Realm of the Unseen. And given this agate’s colors and many eyes … yup, definitely the case that this one is also a Seer and a Mystic! Enjoy!

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All Natural Indigo-Colored Gobi Desert Eye Agate

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