#23703 Altar-Sized Mauve and Rose Trigonic Kullu Rosie (Himalayan Ice) Quartz
Altar-Sized Mauve and Rose Trigonic Kullu Rosie (Himalayan Ice) Quartz
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My supplier told me that these quartz were the talk of Tucson the first year they appeared and the supplies ran out quickly – and when I saw them waiting on the tables at his shop, they were the hit of my shopping trip as well. Talk about ga-ga – I was almost incoherent! She is part of a new find from the Kullu Pass in Northern India, Gateway to the Himalayans and home to many temples. The rose color comes from hematite (similar to the Brazilian Rosies) and not from titanium as true rose quartz does. She is strangely configured and exceedingly intricate – no real faces, but yet thousands of them and she is likely a dissolution quartz. In her case, she is heavily “eroded” so that you don’t see a side or terminal face. She is ridged, etched and pocked (nooks and crannies) like the changeling, but not quite – this is a geological occurrence caused by acid-washing in the earth, followed by a hematite coat. The configuration, called “convoluted”, is the result, occasionally with partial sides or faces remaining. Her color is a rich and luscious rose in areas and a pale mauve in others with deep red hematite accents. Amazingly, she is healed all over! She weighs 1 lb 10 oz and measures 6.1” by 2.8” by 2.3”.

Like her cousin, the Brazilian Rosie, the Kullu Rosie is exceedingly special. One thing I noted is how wide the heart opened … Divine love and compassion were unleashed and it was at that moment I knew that there was an open channel to the Angelic Realm; I felt the presence of angels and heard a flutter of angel wings among her sweet songs. She has a guardian Spirit and huge channeling energies, enabling you to speak to the angels directly in a perfect connection made possible, only because your heart was fully open. Her two-toned nature shows the marriage of the heart with angelic, ethereal vibrations, symbolizing how we must evaluate what we “feel”, and above all, be honest and open with our realizations. She allows you to see that as a Light Worker, you can be so much more and then she guides you to that level with angelic assistance. She will make a wondrous addition you your special angel altars!

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Altar-Sized Mauve and Rose Trigonic Kullu Rosie (Himalayan Ice) Quartz

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