#23704 Amalgamation of Two Tourmalines in Quartz
Amalgamation of Two Tourmalines in Quartz
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This is a sort of “slice of pie” hand piece of two types of tourmaline combined into a single piece. One side features a deep rose tourmaline in quartz while the other creatures a deepest green tourmaline in quartz. The pairing is 1.4 oz and is 1.8” by 1.6” by 0.6” with rather a “puffy” look. With a loupe, you’ll see a bit of orange “edging” on the green side and a bit of black tourmaline on the rose side. She has a wonderful feel and would make a nice pocket or medicine pouch stone.

The combination of these tourmalines with quartz specifically deal with the heart and not only healing it, but opening it. The heart healing begins with self love and moves to acceptance, radiating peace and love outward. She offers gentle protection to the heart so that the healing is not so ‘rough’ on the psyche. She is meant for one who has had difficult relationships on many levels and who has begun to doubt whether or not she/he can find true love … ever. This Spirit will help you understand the barriers you have imposed on Self, enabling you to address them and truly open the heart for the most joyous love ever! She is a treat and a wonderful Healer’s companion!

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Amalgamation of Two Tourmalines in Quartz

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