#23709 Brilliant and Stunning Lemurian Manifestation Quartz
Brilliant and Stunning Lemurian Manifestation Quartz
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This is a positively brilliant 4.3 oz 3” by 1.6” by 1.2” quartz with a chubby past timeline from Brazil. She is strongly Lemurian with starbrary glyph-integrated lines on her sides and a keyed and druse-studded base. Inside, it looks like she has rutile, but when I used the loupe, you could see that there was a central rutile with a rainbowed, feather-like appearance. It’s phenomenal! She is truly one of a kind and is in excellent condition, ready to go to work with her special Keeper!

Lemurian Manifestation Quartz is a name I gave this special Spirit … her energies are distinctly Lemurian and there is a really singing quality (although she technically doesn’t sing) to her expression. She is a one that will help you visualize and then manifest anything you need (not necessarily want) in your life. And as soon as that thought form took shape, you could move onto materializing that vision! This is the kind of energy she will use to fill your room and serve as the center for a Lemurian altar! In Lemurian times, she would be placed at the center of a meditation grid, used with tangerine quartz (to foster creativity), rose quartz (to actualize Self-love), fire quartz (to balance water and grounding aspects), smoky quartz (for protection) and phenacite to fully activate all of the Chakras, including the Causal ones. The initiate would then sit in the center, holding the crystal aloft and within the protection of the smoky quartz, reclaim the true power of Self in all of its aspects. This is not a ceremony that only a High Priestess would perform but rather, it is one that is available to us all as we seek the Spiritual enlightenment that is our birthright as Light Workers.

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Brilliant and Stunning Lemurian Manifestation Quartz

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