#23712 Dynamic Isis-Osiris Inderian Temple Quartz with Ancestral Timeline
Dynamic Isis-Osiris Inderian Temple Quartz with Ancestral Timeline
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This is an ultra-clear light smoky quartz from Diamantina, Brazil, 4.9 oz 3” by 1.6” by 1.2”. The first one of these quartz I opened from my supplier immediately gave me the name of ‘Inderian Temple’ … she went on to explain that this is in the Cassiopeian system, but not from the same planetary system as the previous Cassiopeia starbraries. She holds nice Lemurian lines, some starbrary glyphs and a large past timeline … when they are this size, they are called an ancestral timeline. Large keys surround her and she has a gorgeous Isis face (five sided) and an Osiris face (six sided) with the ancestral timeline between them! Fabulous inner rainbows in her keyed base light her up and she is truly one in a million! This is an incredible Spirit in every respect and perfect for as the center of your special altar places! She has some tiny dings and is in most excellent condition.

The legends of the love Egyptian goddess Isis had for her beloved Osiris inspire the perfection of unity between Earth and divine. It represents one of the greatest loves in history, showing us that love transcends life, death and time. It is eternal, always and forever. Isis is magic, the giver of life, wisdom and teaching – the symbol of femininity and all that is ‘yin’. Osiris is the yang, in perfect balance to the yin. She truly speaks to eternal love in all its facets and is a crystal that one lover might give to another as a measure of the beloved nature they share.

Think about how many times, you mull over things and wish they could have been different or regret having said or done something – dwelling on the past. Some of us allow the past to totally dominate our lives by permitting events from the past to prevent enjoyment in the now: perhaps a bad childhood, a disastrous relationship or even an accident. Remembering the incidents detracts from our full enjoyment of life now and the lessons of the past are lost. Then, there are others who live only in the future – can't wait until the weekend or the vacation or the move or the new job … or whatever. Hundreds of wonderful incidents in the now are passed up in favor of better ones to come during a more magical time. When you open your eyes wide to NOW, you will experience miracle after miracle that BUILDS toward the future, allowing ‘course corrections’ if needed. Miracles aren't necessarily big events – they are the daily things, full of beauty, joy and delight that turn a day that is ordinary into one that is extraordinary. This Spirit helps you to understand that the only power we truly have is in the now – this time, this moment. And that includes love and issues of the heart. Isis never gave up on Osiris … she stayed in the Now and allowed their love to grow and flourish. If we embrace the Now totally, we will experience a peace and understanding that is unparalleled. Work with this Spirit often to both remind you and incentivize you and know the Power of Now.

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Dynamic Isis-Osiris Inderian Temple Quartz with Ancestral Timeline

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