#23718 Fascinating Lemurian Jade Pair of Tumbles
Fascinating Lemurian Jade Pair of Tumbles
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This is a pair Lemurian Jade tumbles, each about 1” and totaling 1.4 oz both squarish with one being dark and the other lighter. Lemurian Jade was discovered perhaps a decade ago beneath a copper mine in Peru and are shades of deep green jade (actually two types) with inclusions pyrite, chalcopyrite and sometimes quartz. Each has been lovingly tumbled and you will delight at the difference in color among them and the subtle differences in energy. This pair is wonderful for gridding or crystal/Reiki healing.

The following was channeled by JaneAnn Dow and was her introduction to these wonderful stones:

“Awakening the new Lemurian Dream

So much is known about the mysterious Atlantis civilization, so little is understood about Lemuria. Two very important legacies of soul imprint now, after eons of time, come head to head again, each one with their own unique personality and life pattern, each one so vastly different. For those who have both of these patterns in their Soul Blueprint, it can create some confusion about the kind of person we truly are. Generally speaking Atlantis was the land of the warrior, great power, heavy influences of Gods and Space Beings emanating a hierarchy of great influence, experiments with scientific knowledge, huge crystal cathedrals, imposing spiritual leadership and control. There was a lot going on there that even today is being seen as edgy, dabbling in experimental manipulation, cloning, implanting computer chips into humans. Not too far from where we are now really, which, in itself can create inner turmoil. Contrast this with a far different reality, one of peaceful evolution of thought and attention to emotional peacefulness, healing modalities of all sorts, calming influences of leadership, meditative, visionary - perhaps the true beginning of what we call New Age. Far less is known about Lemuria, fewer people can recall those lifetimes, channels speak of this as the forgotten civilization perhaps because it was such a contrast to the harshness of Atlantis, the power versus acceptance, the male (warrior and the gods) versus female (intuit and the goddess).

Those few to remember, through dreams and meditations, also remember the importance of the Dream. For it was Lemuria who dreamed the future of this planet, who set in motion the contrasts we see today, who set the tone of our civilization to lead us to now create the new dream for our planet. The Peruvian Jade is the Dreamer, the stone that will help all of us create the new dream and heal residuals of the last dream.

Interesting to note that according to those intimately involved with Lemuria and creating the new dream, that all of this coincides with the time line for end of the Mayan calendar. Many believe that because these two historic records are in agreement, that the end of the world is possible at that time. My work says differently: that the end of anything allows for the beginning of another. When the new dream is realized and the Mayan calendar begins again, both will be on a higher plane of consciousness. The old adage that everything old is new again could be true, but not necessarily repeating the old as it was; rather, repeating the old from a new prospective, with attention paid to the results of the old so as not to repeat the same pattern.

What happens to the old? It does not simply disappear! It goes through a great transition into the new, requiring present day consciousness to create new thought and new behavior.

At this most challenging time in our world, the Lemurian Dream jade appears to re-introduce the Goddess into our consciousness.

Discovered underneath a copper mine in Peru, this dark, seemingly dense mineral is actually a combination of minerals: two kinds of jade, chalcopyrite and pyrite, calcite and quartz. It is mined in large pieces and carved into wonderful shapes, such as pyramids, spheres, crystal like points and oddly enough, the beautiful Quan Yin. Without knowing what this stone was really about, out came the very essence of their meaning: the return of the goddess, the feminine, the intuition, all the inner gifts of our true being. As if to announce the ending of the Age of the Warrior and the beginning to the Age of the Feminine. It is within the dark, density of this stone that one can find the nurturing of the Mother, embracing the often hidden aspects of our personality.

Not only does this new stone initiate the 'new dream', offering all of us an opportunity the set out how we see the new reality unfolding on our planet, but the minerals included also help to heal the residual old dream patterns. We carry soul memories from the first dream that we now often question to the point of not willing to take responsibility for our own creation. Look at the behavior of our world and the lack of responsibility most people take for their own lives and those around them that they affect and can even harm. Dreaming the new is reviewing the old, creating the new is recreating and reestablishing our learning, our experiences, personal dreams woven into the future for this planet. We speak of wanting a better world. Where does that world come from? It comes from all of us, every one of us who daily perpetuate wrong thought and action that is contrary to our dream. Meditating with this warm and nurturing stone will help to envision the new dream, for our world and for all of us. Allow this stone in whatever shape or form, to release old memory patterns that hold you back from your own future.

Crystals are not just about healing the body and emotion, in my crystal work they are also about healing our memory, our soul pattern, that allow us to evolve both spiritually and soulfully. It is not enough to just cast off the past and say it doesn't matter, it does matter a great deal if our past continually interrupts our present and holds back our future. The same is true for our planet. We cannot continue living from our past and fearing our present circumstance and restraining our future.

Awakening the New Dream is the task at hand. Create a crystal pattern or grid, rather like an altar, so that each time you pass by, you silently ask for the release of any past disharmonies to be released. Meditate, pray or work with the stone in whatever shape appeals to you and watch how your perception of our planet begins to change. Be creative with this stone, imagine what kind of world needs to arise now. Take these thoughts into your dreams and be mindful of what you receive. Invite the Goddess into your life, to soften the harshness projected onto you daily thoughts. Softness does not mean weakness! In martial arts, the highest complement one can offer another is to say they have no corners. The softness and nurturing of this stone will attest to the idea that living without corners can be empowering and strengthen your spiritual quest. Ask for guidance from Quan Yin or any of the other female goddess personalities, Isis, Mary, Mothers of our Universe.

Together we can create the new Lemurian dream, create a better world by learning from and healing our past making way for a new kind of future. What do we hold most dear - our spirit, our freedom and our love. A good way to begin to create and dream a New World.” JaneAnn Dow

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Fascinating Lemurian Jade Pair of Tumbles

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