#23727 Intricate, Multi-Terminated, Cathedraled Pale Golden Smoky Quartz
Intricate, Multi-Terminated, Cathedraled Pale Golden Smoky Quartz
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From a new find in Nigeria, this is a glorious and cathedraled very light golden smoky quartz. She weighs 11.6 oz and is 5.1” by 1.9” by 1.4” with an irregular, healed base. She is beautifully cathedraled on her sides with all “cathedrals ending in a termination at the top … like a bouquet of terminations! Her faces are tiny and lightly glyphed and her sides have strange glyphs as well as “broken” Lemurian lines so that they look as if covered by by a strange Star code. Her base and halfway up her is misted with the terminations rising into clarity. When backlit, she appears torch-like! There are a few tiny dings that are not worrisome in the least. She is incredible and will be a wondrous companion for her Keeper!

Energetically, she is a powerhouse, but a gentle one. When you sit with her, she induces a meditative state that allows her Keeper to better analyze issues and search for the best outcome. This is critically important for one who needs clarity in making a significant or difficult decision. I suggest working with her cupped between both hands as opposed to just the sending or the receiving hand, and meditating with a question or issue in mind. You will notice a swirling (like the mist in her terminations) and then as the issues are presented and addressed. She is definitely a wonderful companion and mentor! Just to hold her is to not just be part of the light, but to be the Light!

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Intricate, Multi-Terminated, Cathedraled Pale Golden Smoky Quartz

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