#23728 Lifepath DT Cinnamon Aragonite Sixling in Sixling
Lifepath DT Cinnamon Aragonite Sixling in Sixling
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This is a splendid 1.2 oz DT sixling of warm, cinnamon and russet aragonite, 1.2” by 1.2” by 1.2”. A sixling is a six-sided crystal and she is that … a flower-like shape with central student top and bottom. And interestingly, the student on her top termination is another sixling, nearly as wide as she is and rising from this face at about a 60 degree angle … she is in effect, a sixling in a sixling! Defined etchings radiate out from the center making her energy spread wonderfully. She is a most rare and beautiful formation from Spain.

Aragonite is a desert crystal, formed in the most arid parts of the world where etheric vibrations are easier to sense. She is wonderful for centering as a result. Use her in meditation to bring focus, concentration and patience with both entering the meditative state as well as evaluating the information you received. There is an additional role to her in that she is a sixling … a measure of the number of her sides, but also the number of the Lifepath. Her sixling in sixling formation offers vision to the “other side” … the unseen. This means that she will be instrumental in assisting her Keeper with life decisions, choices and determinations … a rare and wonderful crystalline companion!

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Lifepath DT Cinnamon Aragonite Sixling in Sixling

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