#23731 Moonlight-Glow Dark Green and White Tara Quartz
Moonlight-Glow Dark Green and White Tara Quartz
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This is a softly luminous quartz, light the palest moonlight, 3.5 oz and 2.85” by 1.6” by 1.4”, from Brazil. Now I call these ‘Tara Quartz’ as in Tibetan tradition, there is a Green Tara and a White Tara … shams both with Green Tara protecting Earth and White Tara protecting long life and peace. Tara, whose name means ‘star’, is further the equivalent of a female Buddha. In this piece, there are elements of both – her frosty whiteness with the concentration of deep-gray-green needles of actinolite to her sides and base where the actinolite has caused growth interference. A cloud of white looms over the gray-green and she is actually a cluster of smaller crystals delightfully bundled together … like a choral group! There are stylized Lemurian lines and subtle glyphs on her faces that appear to be made of different textures. She emits a wondrous energy, filling an aura around her!

Cradle this Spirit in a hand and immediately, you will feel yourself surrounded by a halo of energy and there will be a fragrance, somewhat like moss and spring breezes; sweet, clear and heady. In her is love and compassion, understanding and knowing. She clears away pretense and pain, opening your heart and your mind to her protection and guidance. Her internal actinolite fibers serve as ‘conduits’ for the energy, raising the energy level incredibly. To use her in healing work, either lay her on the body or place her at the center of a grid. Be very careful that you plan the other stones to use with her as you will want rose quartz, azurite and smoky quartz to add their energies to hers in dealing with what she pull off. It is said that Green Tara offered protection to those incarcerated during the Chinese occupation of Tibet. The Celts also have a Tara, the Fins have Tar, the Egyptians, Ishtar and the Cheyenne have Star Woman - all Tara. She is all cultures, all races and all women. Work with her in celebration of peace, protection and all that is life – she is astounding!

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Moonlight-Glow Dark Green and White Tara Quartz

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