#23732 Mysterious and Beautifully-Polished Banded Agate Palmstone
Mysterious and Beautifully-Polished Banded Agate Palmstone
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This is a gorgeous and mysterious 3.2 oz, 2.2” by 1.7” by 0.95” beautifully-polished banded agate from Madagascar. She is vivid shades of brown, gold, cream and orange, all arranged in areas that seem to vivbrate before your eyes. Examine her with a loupe and you will see little “eyes” among the swirls and thin veins on one side with a real show of shapes and “eyes” on the other side ... check all the pictures as each view is unique. Every way you look at her, it is clear that there are SO many messages for her to share - she is actually a scrying stone! These agates are beyond extraordinary and will offer much insight to their Keepers!

Agates are Earthy Spirits and help you to get in touch with Earth energies. In times when you are under considerable stress, their grounding can be just what you need to settle you down and help you adjust to the fast pace of the world. But these agates have so much more to offer. When used in meditation for scrying, so many things emerge. Ask a question and rotate her in you hand … images will come. Some are more abstract, but sense will be made from the visions as you continue to focus there. A dear friend said that she felt the “eyes” were doorways … portals and so they are! These are truly amazing Spirits … happy scrying!

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Mysterious and Beautifully-Polished Banded Agate Palmstone

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