#23736 Pale Golden-Brown Russian Earth Star Siderite Quartz
Pale Golden-Brown Russian Earth Star Siderite Quartz
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This is an astounding Earth Star quartz from Dal’negorsk, Russia, weighing 1.9 oz and 2.4” by 1.15” by 1” and a gorgeous shade of light golden brown! She has a healed base that shows the core crystal and belies how she was formed. She was completely overlaid with siderite followed by a glittering quartz overcoat. She is a series of small crystals, all radiating outward and upward from that base. The tiny terminations envelop her in extraordinary fashion – rather like scales on a dragon’s (but a friendly dragon …) toe. Her terminations are mottled with varying colors of siderite and she has a heady earthy-crystalline musk as you hold her. This is a new find in the mine she came from over a decade ago and the mine is in a remote area where mining is only possible during a very brief period during the summer, and then, not every summer. I was charmed by these wondrous quartz and their earthy presence! She is in excellent condition!

When I first sat with this crystal, I was amazed. Ordinarily, earthy-looking crystals are grounding and sometimes heavy. That’s kind of what I was expecting. Instead, I found myself caught in a rotating, expanding helix of energy that was swirling around me like some kind of energetic web. As I continued the meditation, the helix seemed to breathe with me and shape to my auric field. I could see my own aura and see it expand as the meditation continued. Believe me – it was surreal – there was a cut on my hand and I could see the healing that was taking place on a constant basis. It was an incredible sensation – aware and yet meditating! I am completely blown away by these little sweeties and am looking forward to more intensive discovery … these are definitely destined for healing work! Her charm will capture you!

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Pale Golden-Brown Russian Earth Star Siderite Quartz

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