#23750 Well-Keyed, Slightly Opalescent Lemurian Seed Quartz Wand
Well-Keyed, Slightly Opalescent Lemurian Seed Quartz Wand
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This is a slightly opalescent, Lemurian seed quartz wand from Brazil, 3.1 oz and 3.85” by 1.15” by 1” with a large, diagonal key that joins three sides. Her Lemurian lines are very tactile and she has a neat shovel termination. Her base is formed into a “V” and keyed on one side of the V with a small student at a 45 degree angle there. She a few teeny dings and a small dig at the edge of the key where it separated, but otherwise she is in excellent condition and ready to go to her very special Keeper.

This sweet lady has a gentle presence that settles immediately in the core of Self. She teaches that healing truly begins with here where we deal with core beliefs and Soul connection and once healing begins, it is possible for profound effects to be felt in both the physical and ethereal realms. She is the connection … the bridge … that joins us with All That Is. And with that connection, we can truly access the wisdom of the ages. She holds the healing records of Lemurian civilizations and has appeared in this time because of our needs and the awakening of the proper Keepers who will maintain the purity of that knowledge. Use her with love!

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Well-Keyed, Slightly Opalescent Lemurian Seed Quartz Wand

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