#23805 Cloaked Atlantean Smoky Quartz with Mauve Lepidolite, Albite
Cloaked Atlantean Smoky Quartz with Mauve Lepidolite, Albite
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This is a rather amazing, altar-sized smoky quartz that is almost cloaked with gorgeous mauve lepidolite and insets of creamy albite and pictures do him no justice. He looks to be doubly terminated with a number of small students, similarly cloaked, almost as dipped in paint and hung upside down. His uncloaked sides show subtle glyphs and delicate Lemurian lines and some areas appear to be sceptered. He weighs 1 lb 1.8 oz, measures 3.9” by 3.2” by 2.6” and comes from Brazil … and he will charm you with his mystery and unassuming nature!

The energy within this Spirit is strong and vital. In this case, it is in the lepidolite mica that decorates his sides literally acts like a thousand mirrors – mirrors that reflect Self in all its expressions and aspects. The lepidolite is uplifting and centering, helping you to understand both the role and importance of Self … without conceit … and it is also the role for his Keeper to accept and love the Self that she/he finds. This gives him a more intense role in that he must work with a crystal healing or Reiki practitioner who also is heart-grounded and respective of their healing role. The Healer may do what else they need to live and pay the mortgage, but after all is said and done, healing is their primary role and the one that gives them pleasure and purpose. This Spirit is a talisman to such a Healer and he can be placed on the patient for both the healing and the Healer or right on the patient. He will help expand the Heart’s knowing and open your mind to all manner of healing. Now, this same energy extends to the patient, making the patient a true partner in the healing. When that occurs, healing is more profound and permanent.

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Cloaked Atlantean Smoky Quartz with Mauve Lepidolite, Albite

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