#23810 Double-Sided Cluster of Prasem (Green) Quartz in a Sea of Garnets
Double-Sided Cluster of Prasem (Green) Quartz in a Sea of Garnets
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This is a stunning, stunning 4.4 oz, 3.4” by 2.6” by 1.9” cluster of gorgeous, small, pristine prasem quartz set into a literal sea of spessartine garnets … on two sides of the cluster! The garnets are quite striking as their color changes from golden orange to red-orange and back again. The color of prasem quartz is a deep and lustrous green from inclusions of hedenbergite, imparting the beautiful shades throughout. The terminations are cathedral-like, although you will need a loupe to truly appreciate the fine detail. The small crystals rise magically from the garnets and the incredible sea of garnets. This is one cluster where you need a loupe so you don’t miss a part of the splendor of this Spirit!

This is a Spirit with a great deal of love in her energy. She clearly moves the heart and you will feel an instant warming there as you work with her. Her orange garnets help awaken passion so that the love in the heart is accompanied by excitement, conviction and inspiration. It is this marriage of true love and passion within the blanket of healing that causes us to truly be in the now. The now is where we have our power – it is the only point of time where we truly control our actions. She helps her Keeper to find that point of power in our lives and instills us with the courage to act within it. She also reminds us that for everything we have to do, we already know in our heart what must be done. We must integrate the feeling, emotion and compassion (and passion) of the heart with the true wisdom of the Higher Self. She is a dear Spirit who will be a faithful companion to her Keeper.

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Double-Sided Cluster of Prasem (Green) Quartz in a Sea of Garnets

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