#23814 Expressive and Meandering Chalcedony Bubbles
Expressive and Meandering Chalcedony Bubbles
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This is a wonderful 2.7 oz, 2.3” by 1.45” by 1.25” “colony” of chalcedony bubbles from Morocco. She is a typical botryoidal chalcedony – a boiling, bubbling crystalline liquid, frozen in time, but beautifully expressed. When you first look at her, she appears shades of gray … kind of like a Siamese cat with colors at the “points”. There are darker areas that carry up her like fins on a dragon’s back. There are also light areas a crystal cave where little points of quartz have formed. All the bubbles are very distinctive and you can literally see how geologically, she was formed. Backlight her and her color shifts from gray to gold and caramel and radiates her gentle energy! She has a wonderful hand-feel and like all of these chalcedony, she is chatty and effusive!

When the shipment came, it was delivered on a very hot day. The box was warm and when I opened these special Spirits, they were also warm and chatty from the get-go! They had me at first contact! I sat with several and they all had a common message of peace, love, unity, friendship and faith … all set in an earthiness that was palpable. I loved the way the waves washed over me and the energies left me feeling both cleansed, grounded and loved. These guys are my new best friends!

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Expressive and Meandering Chalcedony Bubbles

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