#23829 Lovely Blushed-Smoky Lemurian Sirius Starbrary Quartz with Anthraxolite
Lovely Blushed-Smoky Lemurian Sirius Starbrary Quartz with Anthraxolite
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This is an energetic and gorgeous new find from Serra do Cabral, Brazil … a 1.8 oz and 2.7” by 0.8” by 0.8” blushed-smoky quartz. She is slightly matte on three sides and more glossy on the remaining ones, showing her inner clarity. Her Lemurian lines are very gently etched and her sides are also covered with a multitude of Sirius starbrary glyphs. With a loupe, you will see tiny black dots of anthraxolite!There are a few lilting mists in her base. She boasts a skewed generator termination and a teeny-tiny window. She is truly wonderful with stunning energies! You will have many happy meditations with this her and you will love her gentle energies and her many messages from the stars!

When you first hold this Spirit, you will be amazed not just by her beauty, but by the sheer energy she emits! This is a lady of clarity and mystery; of past and of future; of knowing and teaching; of power and humility and is truly Lemurian through and through. She recalls a ;me when the Lemurian race was at its apex, strong and deeply knowledgeable in the healing arts. She has told me that her rightful Keeper will recognize her immediately. The anthraxolite inclusions o?er additional, albeit ancient, healing energies. This Spirit is an important tool for seeing the stage by determining the root cause and thus accelerating the true healing to follow. This Spirit will be a wondrous resource to his Keeper!

Sirius peoples were very interesting and it is conjectured that their major interactions were with the Egyptians. There is similarity in Egyptian writings and the many depictions on the walls of Egyptian temples suggest a vast amount of experimentalism. The Sirius peoples may have made possible the technological advancement initiated during the Egyptian era, including many healing techniques.

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Lovely Blushed-Smoky Lemurian Sirius Starbrary Quartz with Anthraxolite

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