#23832 Mystic DT Amethyst Elestial Cluster Quartz, Cacoxinite - Madagascar
Mystic DT Amethyst Elestial Cluster Quartz, Cacoxinite - Madagascar
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This is a genuinely unusual DT amethyst cluster that is intricate in his expression. He has a strange shape with a “C”shape on one side where it looks like he was wrapped around another crystal, now gone. Inside his crystals, you can see his lovely amethyst phantoms and by examining him closely, you can determine that the amethyst was the original crystal with the “white” quartz being the secondary growth, similar to how a scepter is formed. The original amethyst is considerably darker than the new growth and between the layers, streaks of amazing cacoxinite, like fireworks creating a violet flame inside! Faces and sides are wonderfully-glyphed and you’ll need a loupe for the rest to fully enjoy the marvelous effects he displays! He has a wonderful presence and hand feel and I guarantee that it will be love at first sight once you pick him up! He is from Madagascar and weighs 1.2 oz and is 1.6” by 1.25” by 1.4.

This Spirit is a medicine pouch Spirit to be used by a Shaman, particularly expressing the inner power the scepter epitomizes. He calls upon the World of Magic and brings hidden (aka “occult”) vision to his Keeper. I get the sense that his special gift is that of herbs and herbal remedies. He allows his Keeper to tap into the vibrations of the plant kingdom, allowing each to present their unique gift to healing. Use him with care, taking precautions not to abuse. He is dedicated to healing and truly wants no other purpose.

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Mystic DT Amethyst Elestial Cluster Quartz, Cacoxinite - Madagascar

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