#23833 Natural Golden-Brown Siderite Cube Pair with Calcite
Natural Golden-Brown Siderite Cube Pair with Calcite
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This is an astounding pair of naturally-formed siderite “cubes” from Brazil. They total1.3 oz and measure about 0.75”. Each is a gorgeous golden-brown and is lightly etched and decorated with embedded calcite crystals. Study their surfaces with a loupe and you’ll see the variety of textures. What astounding Spirits … although humble in appearance, each is profound and grounding!

Siderite is derived from the Greek word for iron … sideros. Siderite is an iron carbonate, uncommon to begin with, but totally rare in a ball. They are absolutely astounding used to align the Chakras (and can be used on any Chakra) and are small enough to place on the body during meditation or crystal healing or Reiki treatment. Placed over the Third Eye, I found them expansive, opening in a gentle yet profound manner. In moving them around, the sensations were extraordinary! I highly recommend that the pair be used by a Healer as good “starter”, crystasl for readying the patient for a high-level treatment.

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Natural Golden-Brown Siderite Cube Pair with Calcite

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