#23834 Nigerian Amethyst Quartz Scepter with Manifestors, Enhydro
Nigerian Amethyst Quartz Scepter with Manifestors, Enhydro
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This is an unusual Nigerian amethyst scepter. 5.9 oz and 3.1” by 1.9” by 1.5”. These Nigerian amethysts are new and amazing discoveries and each is truly unique! He is a nice grapey-violet color well accented by included golden healer, especially on his scepter rod, and in odd little crevices elsewhere. The golden healer areas contain a druse of tiny quartz crystals! The amethyst is lustrous and subtly glyphed on the terminal faces; sides hold Lemurian lines. The crown terminational faces are glyphed and lightly etched and he is actually subtly twinned, Explore him with a loupe and you will find a neat but tiny immobile enhydro as well as quite a few tiny manifestors! He is in excellent condition and ready to meet his special Keeper.

This Spirit is a Healer’s Spirit. Even in his cluster form with his inclusions of golden healer, an enhydro and manifestors, he epitomizes the inner power every Healer seeks. I get the sense that his special gift is that of herbs and herbal remedies. He allows his Keeper to tap into the healing vibrations of the plant kingdom, allowing each to present their unique gift for this use. Enhydros are a culmination of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air … thus, he holds the Earth from which he was created, the fire from the molten form that resulted in the crystal itself, the enhydro that holds both water and air. Thus he is able to provide the ultimate balance which the healing restores. Further, scepters have classically been attributed to power. Power assigns the special quality of compassion, consideration and understanding of when and where to use that power … and to always assert it for good. Use him with care, taking precautions not to abuse. He is dedicated to healing and truly wants no other purpose.

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Nigerian Amethyst Quartz Scepter with Manifestors, Enhydro

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