#23840 Protective Elk Spirit Amethyst Totem Quartz
Protective Elk Spirit Amethyst Totem Quartz
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This is an arrival from Brazil and a beautiful and unusual amethyst, 6 oz and 2.3” by 2.2” by 1”. His sides are opalescent and two of the faces are polished (there was originally a talc-like mineral there that made the termination fragile, so the miners gently polished it off) and he is reminiscent of the changeling flat and partially-healed base. He is a rich and zoned amethyst color with hints of smoky. When I first unwrapped these special quartz, I got images of animals in each … and each different. This one immediately announced the Spirit of a bull elk, proud and protective. He does bear a few rubs and very small dings, symbolic of the life he lives in the wild and is ready for a very special Keeper.

Bull elks are large (the largest of the deer family) and impressive. Anyone who has heard their fall “bugling” knows of their majesty and dignity. You can just imagine him with head thrown back, his six-foot “rack” of antlers like a crown on his head. His demeanor speaks to the dimension of his Spirit, protective, sure, confident. He IS the representative of the “trueness and confidence of self”. He tis the embodiment of Shakespeare’s quote for Hamlet: “To thine own self be true”. Deep inside, we hold our core, our life’s role, our reason for being … and yet often, we are afraid to express it, to use it, to allow guidance from it. Holding Elk as your power animal, he will assist you to recognize the nobility and beauty of this core … and honor it. Like Elk, we CAN be strong, spiritual and great! Elk is a powerful Spirit to hold “deer” … pun intended!

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Protective Elk Spirit Amethyst Totem Quartz

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