#23843 Slightly Smoky Draco Starbrary Quartz with Anthraxolite
Slightly Smoky Draco Starbrary Quartz with Anthraxolite
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At 1.7 oz and 2.65” by 1.2” by 0.8”, this lovely quartz from Para, Brazil, is a lovely Draco starbrary. There are gently-inscribed Lemurian lines on his sides, attesting the relationship to Lemuria, and a number of students on his sides with well healed keys on his front where students once resided eons ago. Check him with a loupe and you will see loads of teeny-tiny flecks of anthraxolite … the same thing that contributes the blackspots to Tibetan quartz. He has a nice, albeit skewed termination) with a long future timeline and an extra facet just below it!. He is more excellent and an emissary from the stars!

I love the way this Spirit fills with light! It’s as if he gathers all the energy in the room and focuses it into an immense beam of light – I swear you can use him to see in the dark! He would love to work with a crystal healer or Reiki practitioner where he can be to determine core issues. Whether we realize it or now, our aura is a blueprint of our physical, emotional and Spiritual health. Disease at all levels show here and can be treated here as well. It is important to note that as with conventional medicine, this is simply treating the symptom, but it gives the body a jump-start so that the root cause can be addressed. The anthraxolite inclusions offer additional, albeit ancient, healing energies. This Spirit is an important tool for setting the stage by determining the root cause and thus accelerating the true healing to follow. This Spirit will be a wondrous resource to his Keeper!

These were found quite by accident in a lot of partially-polished Brazilian quartz. It is interesting as the glyphs look a bit like Cassiopeia and a bit like Ursa Minor but the glyphs are raised, curved and more tactile. This is consistent with the "Originals" role since the Draconians traveled the Universe and likely seeded many other cultures, including Earth.

The Draconian influence is evident all the cultures they touched and it isn't the "reign of terror" you might expect from the name. Think more like the Greek, "Plato", as opposed to the Greek, "Draco". Unlike the Earthly definition of "Draconian", these were a gentle people. They introduced law and order but in a rather generic law sense... like the Golden Rule of doing onto others what you would have them do unto you.

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Slightly Smoky Draco Starbrary Quartz with Anthraxolite

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