#23844 Slightly-Misty Lightning Etched Fuschite Phantom Scepter Quartz
Slightly-Misty Lightning Etched Fuschite Phantom Scepter Quartz
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This is a slightly misty-looking, 1.1 oz, 2.1” by 0.9” by 0.75” beautiful Madagascar scepter quartz nicely shows the lovely green fuschite phantom among the light mists over her rod. She is part of a shipment from Madagascar and I’m over the moon with these! She has a number of areas that look like lightning strikes that have healed. The fuschite is in tiny balls made easy to see with a loupe especially in the side with the ling key that facilitates seeing. To the sides of the phantom, mists seem to rise like auras … I suspect that these auroras are from titanium inclusions as they are similar to the titanium quartz from Arkansas in that regard. She has a few very small dings that in no way impairs her beauty or energy! I think you will be over the moon too!

Fuschite is a wonderful stone for activation and balance … her soothing and gentle aspects are perfect for restoring your own balance, particularly if you are the sort to jump in to situations before fully exploring them. She allows you to see a balanced perspective while retaining your neutrality so that you can make an ‘informed’ entry if needed. Interestingly, when you consider how a scepter forms, it’s an overgrowth of quartz (essentially a second crystal forming over a smaller one … the ultimate phantom and manifestor! It’s easy then to see how scepters become associated with power and not the kind of power that arises from politics, position or riches, but the strength of Self-knowing. She is a lovely personal Spirit for she will be very dedicated to her true Keeper and will not want to be separated. And if it would serve her Keeper well, she would enjoy being with a Keeper who is also a Healer as there are patients out there who would benefit from her energies and healing capacity.

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Slightly-Misty Lightning Etched Fuschite Phantom Scepter Quartz

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