#23848 Ultra-Keyed, Petite Starbrary-Bridge Golden-Smoky Quartz
Ultra-Keyed, Petite Starbrary-Bridge Golden-Smoky Quartz
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This is petite, 2 oz of Brazilian beauty, albeit unusual, 2.6” by 1.1 by 1.1. She is a most unusual light golden-smoky quartz that my supplier called ‘rotator’ quartz. It’s easy to see why … the quartz is really clear, but deep ancient keys, now glyph-filled, literally twist and turn this very interesting quartz. You have to look hard to find any of the original crystal although this one has just a teeny bit of a side! The rest of her is contorted, ergonomic and surprisingly energetic. Her being has been totally shaped by other crystals and I think you will be totally fascinated! She has a few teeny dings, but is otherwise in excellent condition in spite of her sort of rugged look!

I pride myself in my pictures and have to confess that she really challenged me – it was hard to truly capture her every aspect. She has the feel of an Andromeda starbrary derivative, however (please see the newsletters on the website for more information). There is a very regal demeanor to her – she seems to have belonged to one in power who would use that magnificent face as a “face of truth”. This is for a Keeper discovering the link that we have to other worlds … and the heritage that we share.

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Ultra-Keyed, Petite Starbrary-Bridge Golden-Smoky Quartz

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