#23850 Very Unusual and Fascinating Orange River Quartz Cluster
Very Unusual and Fascinating Orange River Quartz Cluster
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This is a totally unusual 1 lb 7.4 oz, 5” by 3.2” by 2.9” quartz cluster from the Orange River area of South Africa. She sits on a flat base of hematite-included quartzite while the remainder of the cluster varies from crystals to colorful druses to minute, shade-like druse. Her colors range from golden (from golden healer) to pale grayed-white to palest salmon to light tan to gray. Age crystals to one side form fascinating crystal caves while the suede side is like a Middle Earth landscape. You really have to see her in person to understand her … she is radiant, vibrant and utterly splendid in every way, perfect for altar or personal use.

This Spirit has a wonderful feel in addition to being absolute eye-candy for your loupe! Place her in a room where many people will gather … like a conference room, a classroom or treatment room as she fosters deep communication. She teaches you to listen and carefully consider what is said … not in the sense of holding back feelings, but in expressing them appropriately and truly. Her community nature shows helps you to hear all sides of an issue and in doing so, you open many opportunities for open and real communication … she is a wondrous, albeit unusual and fascination, Spirit!

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Very Unusual and Fascinating Orange River Quartz Cluster

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