#23864 Elongated and Lovely Teardrop of Polished Blue Amber
Elongated and Lovely Teardrop of Polished Blue Amber
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This is a lovely and petite teardrop-shaped piece of polished blue amber from a new discovery in Sumatra, Indonesia. She is 0.3 oz and 2.2” by 1” by 0.4” with a flat base. Under normal light she looks gold and brown, but backlighting creates a reddish cast around her edges and amber elsewhere. And because she is transparent, with a loupe the light areas are cloud-like. The blue color produced under ultraviolet light arises from her origins … she was formed from the sap of the Hymenaea protera tree, the same tree that contributes the color to Dominican amber. Under ultraviolet light, her amber color becomes kind of an ocean blue! And the little dots you see are tiny bubbles! She is a perfect pocket size, ideal for crystal or Reiki healing or alternatively, she would make a truly lovely, macrame pendant!

Hand polishing amber is an act of love taking much time, patience and love. The outer, rough layers are taken off with rough sandpaper and then the amber is smoothed with increasingly less rough sandpaper until the amber glows and can receive a final gleaming polish.

Hymenaea protera is an extinct prehistoric leguminous tree, the probable ancestor of present-day Hymenaea species. Most neotropical ambers come from its fossilized resin, including the famous Dominican amber and now the Sumatran amber. This heritage is what gives the blue amber it’s famous blue color and lovely blue fluorescence. The Sumatran blue ambers are far bluer than the Dominican amber. The Dominican will show the blue fluorescence in sunlight whereas the Sumatran amber is deep blue to begin with in the raw material solely due to its thickness but shows a notable somewhat turquoise-blue when ultraviolet light hits it. The polished Sumatran amber is transparent and features the wondrous golden to red tones, but the same lovely blue color under ultraviolet light.

Amber in general is a wondrous Spirit - not a mineral like quartz is, but a miracle of nature that has an energy that is very important to humans. She in particular is soothing and yet stimulating, especially to the Third Eye. Sitting with her, you can easily feel the Third Eye pulsing and opening. Her various energy expressions stimulate healing, balance and opening on all levels … all critical to opening Chakras and putting them into total balance. She can easily be used other crystals for more specific Chakra applications, but especially the Third Eye.

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Elongated and Lovely Teardrop of Polished Blue Amber

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