#23865 Exceptional Chlorite Quartz DT Wand with Flourish of Students
Exceptional Chlorite Quartz DT Wand with Flourish of Students
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This is a 9.3 oz, 4.9” by 2.6" by 1.7” DT partially chlorite-filled quartz wand from Pakistan. The chlorite has given her a gray-green and gold (likely gold because of golden healer staining) color. Her upper termination chlorite eroded while her lower is rather tabby with a student on each side so she looks like a rocket ship. Around her center, students protrude at chaotic angles to that she has sort of a hedgehog look. To the back, there are two large crystal cave areas! She has a couple of very teeny dings, but otherwise, she is in excellent condition.??This Spirit is a wonderful for warding off psychic attack! She is very protective and effective at establishing a broad ‘force field’ around her Keeper, like a huge energy bubble. She is without a doubt, a Master Healing crystal! No Healer should work without one of these in the room … it is far too easy when you work, to pick up the negative energies that are thrown off the patients. Even the sweetest people throw off some of the ugliest things and that energy has to go somewhere! Healers are so focused on their patients that they often forget their own vulnerability. She is an awesome and perfect size to place either in the room for crystal healing or Reiki, under a Healer's treatment table, or even in an office where the constant barrage of strange energies is chaotic. Work with this Spirit often and every few days, wash her in soapy water and allow her to dry in the sun for an hour or so and she will be ready to serve again!

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Exceptional Chlorite Quartz DT Wand with Flourish of Students

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