#23866 Frothy, Glowing Pale Green Prehnite Cluster
Frothy, Glowing Pale Green Prehnite Cluster
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This is a gorgeous, gorgeous prehnite, frothy crystals of pale mint green. heck her with a loupe and you’ll see her intricacy! To the side of her flat base, there is a neat crystal cave and she rather resembles an oceanic coral! She is absolutely stunning and delightful, a 1.3 oz, 1.8” by 1.25” by 1.1” Spirit from India.

Prehnite is a wonderful Spirit, permitting her Keeper to “tap into” subtle energies on many levels, from ETs to angels to psychic layers. She is known for her abilities to mesh those energies with her Keeper and in doing so, enhance the Keeper’s natural gift of prophesy. With her many “antennae”, she just radiates this energy, making her perfect for use with a grid. Now, please understand that the gifts she bestows bear responsibility and opportunity. She is further known for the accuracy of her enhanced prophesy, particularly as it applies to development of Self and Spiritual advancement. Once you sense what must be done, you must put that lesson into action or lose the opportunity for serious Spiritual growth. She is a potent, yet gentle Spirit, ready to help.

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Frothy, Glowing Pale Green Prehnite Cluster

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