#23869 Grapey Mystic Trigonic Beta Smoky Amethyst
Grapey Mystic Trigonic Beta Smoky Amethyst
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When I unwrapped these from my supplier, my jaw literally dropped … just before the energy rush hit my head. These are beta amethyst from Bahia, Brazil and she is 1 lb 1.2 oz and 3.7” by 3.5” by 3.3”. She is smoky and elestial to the base, rising to a nice, grape-colored violet accented with smoke … backlight her and her colors come alive – zones of regal amethyst flames, set against sparkling mists! Her faces are subtly glyphed with one deeply etched trigonic record keeper that looks like it has a lightning bolt through it! Catch the light just right and she will flash rainbows at you too! The base is flat and healed and she will set securely on it. Several keys are at the base of her sides not edged with the smoky elestial crystalsI think you will be as enchanted as I am with these incredible crystalline beings! She has a shallow, partially-healed ding to the edge of one terminal face plus some teeny ding, but nothing of significance.

Beta quartz, geologically was formed under higher temperature and pressure than alpha quartz. Beta quartz is more highly ordered and has more symmetry than alpha quartz and over all, it is less dense. Band beta quartz exists at a higher temperature and shifts to alpha as it cools, but retains the crystalline structure of the beta. As a result, the vibrations are different – more pure and more intense. Then, to have the amethyst coloration, together with the smoke, is very uncommon. Amethyst is a Crown Chakra stone, infusing the aura with vibrant, protective violet rays. Long considered sacred all over the world, amethyst is used to open the mind and raise Spiritual vibrations. The smoky is protective and repels negativity. Take this Spirit in your hand and allow her base to rest against the palm meridians … her contours form natural “nests” for the fingers. During the past few months, I have turned up trigonic record keepers everywhere – they carry the lessons of the Trinity – body, mind Spirit: child, adult, elder; life, death and rebirth … all must be taken in perspective and in balance to fully comprehend the mysteries of this Life’s Expression and beyond. If ever there was a crystalline Spirit that epitomized the continuity of these lessons, it is this one, gifted with the Violet Flame. She is meant for a Light Worker in very active acceleration of enlightenment … and as soon as you hold her, you will know why …

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Grapey Mystic Trigonic Beta Smoky Amethyst

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