#23872 Large Angelic Blue Celestite Geode Section
Large Angelic Blue Celestite Geode Section
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This is a 2 lb 10.3 oz, 5.5” by 4.2” by 1.8 geode section of gorgeous shades-of-pale-blue celestite crystals from Madagascar. The geode crust is thin and exposes crystals on the outside as well! In the center, golden healer accents the blue and adds healing energies. She is truly an extremely beautiful and wondrous piece, perfect for you special altar spaces!

Celestite: the name conjures up images of cerulean skies and celestial, angelic beings. Her energies are very gentle and she exudes communication, trust and tranquility. She facilitates an understanding of the total energies of all of the Chakras so that you can integrate and balance optimally. In addition, she stimulates the Causal Chakra, the one that activates when you astral travel or contact spiritual realms, helping you to understand the wonderful capacity and capabilities that we all harbor within. When I had my crystal healing practice, I would place a large celestite under the table and a celadonite on the third eye to initiate angelic contact. This Spirit can be used in similar fashion and would love to work in a crystal healing or Reiki practice where she can help the patient unblock energies and restore balance with these Ascended Beings.

Sit with her in your cupped between your hands and focus your breath as if drawing through the crystal. With every slow breath, allow her cool blueness to fill you and accept the sense of calm that ensues. Any place on your body where there is heat, pull the blue waves through, like water rippling down a stream bed. Continue in this manner for about 10 minutes or until you free complete, relaxed and restored. Thank her and sit in the glow of relaxation.

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Large Angelic Blue Celestite Geode Section

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