#23879 Oversoul Smoky Quartz with Epidote
Oversoul Smoky Quartz with Epidote
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This is an absolutely amazing smoky quartz with a many included rods of epidote. She is a light smoky color and she has a virtual tower of terminations at both ends, like some ancient mountain range!lightly Lemurian lined and subtly glyphed with a few bits of calcite at her main termination reinforcing the mountain look with melting snow caps. In spite of her relatively petite size, she is glorious!

This Spirit is alive with energy! She has a soft, protective nature, but so very much more. Anoint her with rainwater and allow her crystalline musk to rise, heady and strong. Then, place her in you hand so that the healed base is in contact with your palm meridians and your fingers rest on the faces of her main terminations with the thumb in the “bowl” of the healed key. You will feel a swell of energy fill you and streams of information will begin from the Lemurian civilization. You will see ceremonies, rituals and events important to the Lemurian people – and important to us as a people in this time. In a sense, she functions as an oversoul, making this information available for your lessons now. As her Keeper, there is a responsibility in accepting and working with this information. She wants you to continue to channel it and make it known to others so that others will benefit. And in return, she will assist you in realizing your true role in this lifetime. Not a bad deal … not at all!

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Oversoul Smoky Quartz with Epidote

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