#23880 Pair of Herkimer-LIke Tibetan DT Quartz
Pair of Herkimer-LIke Tibetan DT Quartz
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This is a cute pair of bright, Herkimer-like DT quartz crystals from Tibet. One is a double Merlin and the other has a healed lower termination as it was once a scepter. The pair weighs 8.31 grams and each is about 0.9”. With a loupe, you will see a few glyphs a rainbow and subtle Lemurian lines …they are a beautiful and energetic pair.

Tibetan quarts is second only to the Herkimer diamond in its high frequencies, and in fact, some prefer the Tibetan’s softness. This pair is perfect for the Light Worker, crystal healer or Reiki practitioner to place on the body during the treatment. By rotating the crystals between the Chakras, you can effectively adjust, enhance, correct or tone down the energies there and remove any blockages that may exist. They are a perfect size for pocket or medicine pouch where they are easily accessible for a quick charge of energy. You will love them!

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Pair of Herkimer-LIke Tibetan DT Quartz

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