#23884 Quartet of Smoky DT Melody Stone Quartz
Quartet of Smoky DT Melody Stone Quartz
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This quartet is from the original find of Melody Stone quartz in Espiritu Santo, Brazil. They weigh 0.8 grams all together and each measures about 1.1” of lovely DT Melody Stone. Melody Stone contains white, smoky and amethyst quartz plus lepidocrosite, goethite, rutile and cacoxinite. Because each crystal has the total energy of the combination, not all must be visible for the energy to be intact. With careful study, you can see each has a different combination and each is beautiful. Subtle glyphs integrate with the Lemurian lines on the sides and each is a fascinating ‘read’. The group has only the tiniest of dings and they are perfect traveling size for healing work or wire-wrapping (actually, the pair would make some nice earrings).

To work with a Melody Stone is to experience a rare and different high-intensity energy. Wearing or carrying one really does enhance your psychic capabilities, but in a very subtle way. Each one needs to blend its energy with yours a few days before you begin to notice the true effect, so it is important to find one that resonates with your own energies. This shifts the energy to a much higher vibration, successfully knitting it to your Core and expanding so that your aura is radiant and huge. Working with a Melody Stone on a regular basis will continue to enhance your abilities and bond you to her forever! Simply amazing and this group would love to be part of a grid for their Keeper.

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Quartet of Smoky DT Melody Stone Quartz

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