#23889 Somewhat Herkimer-Like DT Quartz with Rutile - Pakistan
Somewhat Herkimer-Like DT Quartz with Rutile - Pakistan
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This is an unusual 4.7 oz, 2.6” by 1.8” by 1.4” somewhat-Herkimer-like quartz from Pakistan and he is from old stock. I call him “somewhat” as one side is bright and clear but the other is a bit matte. And one termination is bright and clear (with a large key there) while the other is twinned and chlorite-included. But there is no denying the rutile inclusions … they flash at you as you turn them in the light, seemingly changing colors. His faces hold nice glyphs and between his twin terminations is a crystal cave of sorts! He is an amazement of energy and beauty! He does have a few tiny dings, but nothing of significance at all … he will rock your world!

When I unwrapped these beauties, I was astounded by their resemblance to the classic Herkimer “diamond” quartz … clear, brilliant and hugely energetic. his Spirit has an amazing “hand feel” and his energy truly belies his size! I am blown away by his rutile: electric, sensual and astounding … this is one awesome and powerful Spirit! You will be amazed – totally amazed – at how hot he feels. In my mind, he could only reach body temperature, held in the hand where you can run your fingers and thumb over his starbrary glyphs. But, he actually feels warmer as if he added his own energies to the mix. To work with him the first time, wash him carefully with rainwater and dry in the sun to activate. He likes incense burning, so that would be good as well – choose a good one! Then add music, like Novus Magnificat (my favorite by Constance Denby). Allow the entire sensory bundle to envelop you and your mind will easily go on a journey. He teaches you how to transmute and dispel negative energies and how to establish mental and emotional balance without losing creativity and emotion. He creates a cocoon of protection around you that is amazing! This is truly an amazing Spirit that will infuse you with joy, love and protection.

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Somewhat Herkimer-Like DT Quartz with Rutile - Pakistan

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