#23906 Astonishing Purple Fluorite on Tessin Sugarblade Milky Quartz with Manganese
Astonishing Purple Fluorite on Tessin Sugarblade Milky Quartz with Manganese
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This is a large and totally astonishing cluster from Inner Mongolia … 1 lb 1.2 oz and 4.3” by 3.2” by 1.6”. She actually terminated on the base, but golden healer stained and manganese accented matrix (with a few little smoky quartz poking out) while her upper quartz crystals are milky, manganese-tinted tessin sugarblades with the characteristic raised sides and scale-like little terminations. The terminations are nearly obliterated by a liberal addition of gorgeous frosted purple dodecahedrons of fluorite that makes her look very old soul … and indeed, she is! No matter how you look at her, she is totally incredible and wonderfully different and a perfect addition to your very special altar spaces.

Fluorites are the great organizers of the crystalline realm and the dominant energy of this cluster. As we move into the summer yang season, “getting our ducks in a row” is the order of business so that we can accomplish what we need to without losing our sanity. She is a real asset for getting you staying on track in the physical plane. Milky quartz is one of mystery and like being in a very thick fog, you are unaware of where you are until you allow your senses to heighten. There is an element of trust in this … you must fully mesh with the crystal and allow the magic to happen. Significant Spiritual advancement is possible but it is not an instant process. Like the ridges on the faces and edges of this crystal, it happens one step at a time, building to a pinnacle. The frosted coating and manganese are energy enhancers for grounding and changing core beliefs. Tessin habit crystals are wonderful for unlocking things. Often, it is the energies of other crystals and other times, it is things that you keep deep inside, there but hidden. Now, when we keep things in that should be expressed, often we will find that our energy “leaks” – we are so concerned that others don’t see of discover our secrets, that we feel drained and tired. All in all, she is protective and comforting; her lightbraries adjust energy levels to precisely where you want them. Now, this is not an easy process and will take much meditation before you trust that this knowledge can be released, but released it must be in order for you to begin healing what caused you to “stuff” it in the first place. I guarantee you will feel lighter than you have ever felt … she will teach!

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Astonishing Purple Fluorite on Tessin Sugarblade Milky Quartz with Manganese

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