#23918 Golden Palmstone of Polished Fossilized Coral
Golden Palmstone of Polished Fossilized Coral
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This is a gorgeous Indonesian polished cab/palmstone of fossilized coral, 18.55 grams and 2” by 1.35” by 0.4”. She is in shades of rich gold and the circles are the cross-sections of the well-distant past live coral and are obvious on both sides. I call this a cab/palmstone as she is curved on both sides so can be used for either purpose. The composition is silicon dioxide … agate. This is a lovely piece and you will love the energies of this Spirit … as a palmstone, she fits neatly in a pocket so she can always be with you!

Fossilized coral is actually an agate (or chalcedony replacement of the coral) and can be 20 million years old or older … so no modern corals were harmed in the making of this cab. The process is similar to the formation of petrified wood with chalcedony replacing the ancient tree organics.

Fossil coral is a wonderful calming, peaceful and grounding energy. She imparts the effect of the sloshing ocean waves and the fragrance of the salt air. The combined sensual stimulation is both healing and grounding. You get an impression of time and timeless, of growth and completion, of consistency and change. It all embraces you like an earthly hug, comforting, gentle and above all … healing!

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Palmstone of Polished Fossilized Coral

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