#23920 Intricate Hand-Carved Blue Amber Turtle Totem
Intricate Hand-Carved Blue Amber Turtle Totem
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This is an intricate and hand-carved 12.5 gram, 1.7” by 1.3” by 0.9” blue amber turtle from Indonesia. It was hard to show the intricate detail in photos, but you will be able to see it best in person … eyes, flippers, shell and raised head … all accurate and precise! This is a sea turtle and you can imagine him sensing the ocean breeze and getting ready to take a swim. He makes a powerful totem for pocket or medicine pouch.

Turtles are found through legends of indigenous peoples all around the world. To the Celts, they represented guardians of the Fey. To Native Americans, Turtle represents Mother Earth, loving her and protecting her through the eons. Other indigenous peoples believe that Turtle saved them from the great flood. Others believe that people came from the sky in flying turtles. And so it goes.

Turtle teaches us persistence, patience and a respect for the sacredness of Mother Earth. And he teaches to slow down … it’s not where you are going that’s the goal but the lessons of the journey. He is an important totem for workaholics and anyone stressed by life in general. His message is clear … slow down and appreciate all that Mother Earth gives to us!

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Intricate Hand-Carved Blue Amber Turtle Totem

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