#23922 Large and Vibrant Fire Opal - Kosovo
Large and Vibrant Fire Opal - Kosovo
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This is a 5.3 oz, 3.6” by 1.6 by1" piece of orange-russet fire opal with toast accents from Kosovo. The location shouldn’t astound me as Kosovo has revealed such a variety of minerals! These are sometimes called “jelly opal” because they don’t have a flash, but have the look of jelly. This is a stunning piece and could be cut into many nice cabs … or grace your special altar.

Fire opals have a magical quality because of the colors. At first they appear uni-dimensional and as you move them in the light, they come alive and offer a vibrant display. The energy of the "fire" allows us to look deeply within to understand ourselves in an intensive and direct manner, particularly if you are at a crossroads and are wanting assistance or assurance in making choices.  The fire opal instills strength, determination and Self-assurance, so although his energy is intense, he actually acts as a stress-releaser rather than an intensifier. You will totally enjoy his directness!

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Large and Vibrant Fire Opal - Kosovo

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