#23929 Palest Blue DT Kunzite for Clarity
Palest Blue DT Kunzite for Clarity
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This is a 0.5 oz, DT kunzite, 2.7” by 0.65” by 0.4”. He is a palest blue … the termination reveal his palest color. The sides are well striated with a few inclusions of golden healer and little white “clouds”. He is in excellent condition and from Afghanistan!

Kunzite is a wonderful stone for clarity, and in his case, clarity of speech - what you say, express, and hear! Years ago, I read Melody's recommendation to use a piece as a pendulum as it would "cloak" a person's own energy allowing a more accurate reading of the problem. It was something I hadn’t either though of or tried before and it really works! Kunzite just seems to clear away the cobwebs and allow you to see things as they truly are. Take one into meditation and you will experience a deeper and more intense one. These would be wonderful in a heart-centered layout with other similarly striated stones like tourmaline, topaz and scapolite. Each acts as an energy channel so that you totally align the Chakras and hold that alignment. You will be amazed!

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Palest Blue DT Kunzite for Clarity

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