#23932 Petite Fenstered DT Quartz with Oil Inclusions
Petite Fenstered DT Quartz with Oil Inclusions
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This is a DT lightly-fenstered quartz from Madagascar, 0.8 oz and 1.35” by 1.15” by 0.7”. “Fenster” is “window” in German and is a name given to the wonderful chambers of certain quartz - as if you had a window to their many rooms. She is interesting in that her fenstering is somewhat light but creates wonderful glyphs and patterns on her faces and sides. And further, she rather looks like a scepter with wide “rod” but you can easily see the darker color of the crown against the white of her rod. If you explore her with a loupe and UV light, you can readily see oil rainbows (like oil rainbows on a puddle) inside. I thought at first that it was internal fractures, but you can see that the oil is in a super thin “sheet” between the layers. These are exceedingly rare inclusions as these oil “enhydros” are known from only a few areas around the world and attest to organic matter during the crystal’s formation. Sides and faces that are intricately marked and her mottled gold and brown color is welcoming and joyous … and a delightful contrast to her clarity in areas. She is in excellent condition and awaits her forever Keeper!

When I unwrapped these from my supplier, I immediately recognized them as keys. With their chambers, the energy levels are easily adjusted like a combination lock. Each has a particular “lock” mechanism where you bring thumb and finger onto the surface and sense the optimal energy movement. Depending on how you turn each one, your index and third finger rest on different faces and you can feel alternately a projection in or out. Their etchings are codes recording their usage for reference by their Keeper. In Atlantis, I can see them used as activators and operators for large arrays or grids of various crystals, locking or unlocking each as needed. The oil inclusions offer adjustments and communications with the plant kingdom as well, perhaps for better crops. I love the adjustment capability with the energies offering a brilliant way to tone down or step up the energy during a meditation or crystal healing or Reiki treatment … in fact, you can start low and intensify as you work! I also get that she can be placed over the Third Eye, again with the same function except the other crystals do not necessarily need to be in the same room in order to be accessed, even for travel! There is nothing like a traveling meditation!??Click on the link below to see additional photos … and a brief video showing the oil fluorescence.

Petite Fenstered DT Quartz with Oil Inclusions

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